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Day Two: 6 October
Today we have two new trainee Pink Wardens! First things first - Ruth has surprise photo-shoot!
This Landrover was the first vehical we Awarded last week - I wonder if they got their Award, and if they will be expecting another!
These boys turned up on extremely funky and pretty noisey bikes - pretty cool - however they wouldn't let the Wardens have a go....
We couldn't believe this. This car had been parked IN A DISABLED ONLY PARKING BAY - WITH A VALID DISK AND DISABLED BADGE - and they STILL got a ticket. The Pink Wardens awarded a lolly - poor sods.
Those Wardens just can't help themselves, should mobility scooters have parking bays like cars and bikes?
This very unlucky man had already received a £500 fine for parking outside his own shop!
This Scot was visiting Penrith and loitering on the yellow line for too long.
Another example of a groovy Pink interior - just the ticket to a Pink Warden's heart!
These two obviously have nothing better to do with their time but creatively park their behinds.
Pink Warden Di seems to have attracted quite a following...
I'm not sure we can say that.....
The last ticket goes to a FRED Follower who had travelled all the way from London...
Day One: 29 September
Day One sees Pink Wardens Kate and Helen out on their first Award Day.

Many thanks to our official photographer Kate Wise for these pics.

A good start to the day with a classic case of Creative Parking - would it be generalising to say that Landrover drivers will always find a bit of grass to park on? This one found a tiny bit of green just outside Penrith's main car parking area - incredible!

This bit of Creative Parking saw a car trying to squeeze into a potential space but it couldn't quite get the back wheel over the double yellows. Lucky not to get a Penalty. This car most likely belonged to one of Penrith's shop keepers, many of who have expressed to The Pink Wardens their anger about the parking regulations.
A small cobbled area in the centre of Penrith lends itself very well to a 2 minute stop-off. Unfortunately you are not allowed to park here - but of couse a number of people do, perhaps just for the thrill of it. The driver of this vehicle was very pleased with his Award.
This unfortunate car owner (below) had already been Penalised. We gave them a lolly as a consolation.
The owner of this lovely Mini was slightly worried but was also pretty chuffed to have the attention (why drive a Mini otherwise?)
We were overtaken by this lady on her scooter, and then she stopped so we could admire the hundreds of stickers that adorned her vehicle. She was very pleased to receive a Pink Ticket and proudly displayed it on the front of the scooter.
Yes its a Cherrypicker! Abandoned in Penrith church yard...
Most of the people who witnessed the Pink Wardens were smiling and laughing. I did, however, get an incredibly filthy delayed look from a woman whilst we were ticketing, it made me feel very uncomfortable. Traffic Wardens must get this all the time - they must be very hard people to be able to stand that kind of response on a daily basis.

The wheely bin got it - I wonder who will find this.

The dog nearly got it.

This part of Penrith isn't the most desirable. Its a tiny scrub land at the back of the shops, enough for about 3 or 4 cars. However, it still has a sign warning people of parking there.

Last ticket! And a nice sit down after a hard day's work.

This project is part of "social investigations" - ongoing projects by artist Kate Gilman Brundrett that investigate our crazy world and the rules we use to live in it.

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