For three Saturdays in October Pink Wardens will be paroling the streets of Penrith looking for examples of Creative Parking.

They will reward car owners with a parking fine-style ticket, however, rather than receiving a penalty the car owners will be

rewarded with a lollipop and a certification of their creative parking.

A picture of their creative parking will then be added to this website as a way of revealing the silliness of the parking ticket mania that is floding our town. The site will also become a point for feedback from other parking victims and offer the Pink Warden's services to other areas of imposition.

Click on the Parking Awards and Guestbook sections to view the awards and leave your comments.

The Pink Wardens are a light-hearted revelation to highlight the madness of the imposing rules and regulations of parking fines.

This project is part of "social investigations" - ongoing projects by artist Kate Gilman Brundrett that investigate our crazy world and the rules we use to live in it.

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The Pink Wardens will be parolling as part of FRED - if you don't know about FRED yet check out